# play eclipsify myApp


Setting up your preferred IDE

Eclipse | Netbeans | "IntelliJ IDEA:#intellij| Textmate | Other IDEs

Working with play is easy. You don’t even need a sophisticated IDE as play compiles and refreshes the modifications you make to your source files automatically. So you can easily work using a simple text editor.

However, using a modern Java IDE provides cool productivity features like auto-completion, on-the-fly compilation, assisted refactoring and debugging. Play supports the Netbeans, IntelliJ IDEA and Eclipse platforms.

Generate configuration files for eclipse
Play provides a command to simplify Eclipse configuration. To transform a play application into a working Eclipse project, use the eclipsify command:

# play eclipsify myApp

You then need to import the application into your Workspace with the File/Import/General/Existing project... menu.